Hyun Bin confessed, “After ‘Crash Landing on You’, I received unprecedented love from global fans”

Actor Hyun Bin, who is going to marry actress Son Ye-jin, expressed his thoughts on how global fans’ interest in him has changed since “Crash Landing on You”.

Fashion magazine DAZED unveiled the cover story of actor Hyun Bin x global brand Loro Piana through a special edition.

“I received unprecedented attention from fans around the world after ‘Crash Landing on You’”, Hyun Bin shared, “I can feel that our story, nationality, and cultural background are being accepted more broadly by other people. I received fan letters from unexpected places around the world”.

Hyun Bin fans

The actor also talked about the time when he was filming in Jordan ahead of movie “The Point Men” release. He said, “Above all, I still remember the local crew members who were with me throughout the filming. They were very kind and always full of energy. I understand that it was the only Korean movie that finished its overseas filming in the middle of confusion”.

Hyun Bin Dazed magazine

Hyun Bin, who has never taken such a long break like this throughout his career, expressed his deep concern about acting, “I think I have become too generous to myself as I tend to accept things that I have been used to, such as acting methodology, expression patterns, and new ways of interpretation. Just like how your objective view fades as you receive more empty compliments, the same happens to acting.”

More photoshoot photos and the interview with Hyun Bin can be found on DAZED’s special edition, website, and official SNS channels.

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