Hannam-dong, where G-Dragon, BTS, Jennie, and many celebrities choose to live in

Referring to Seoul, people often think of Gangnam with modern, bustling life. However, few know that Hannam-dong is really the area chosen by celebrities.

Famous idols such as G-Dragon, BTS, Jennie’s family, Kang Daniel, or a slew of well-known actors like as Han Hyo Joo, Jun Ji Hyun, Lee Jong Suk, and others have all prioritized Hannam and its environs as a location to live. As a result, this location has several advantages of its own that drew the attention of the cult personalities mentioned above.

Hannam’s location, being so close to the Hangang Riverbank and the highway, allows for numerous wonderful views. Not only that, but inhabitants can see the iconic Namsan tower close to the gorgeous mountains from another way. Hannam-dong is well-known for being the ideal location for people seeking seclusion and a serene living environment while remaining close to Seoul’s city core. Artists can get to Gangnam district in 15 minutes from here. Some upscale neighborhoods, such as Cheongdam-dong and Garosu, are located directly over the river.

Hannam Bridge
BTS is said to have moved to the expensive area at Hannam The Hill many years ago. Some members also bought their own apartments here.

In particular, Hannam-dong does not have many office buildings or shopping areas, which means that the traffic density is clear.  In addition, there are two leading schools in Seoul, including Yongsan International School and German International School.  For entertainment, those living in Hannam can also visit various art museums such as LeeUm, D Museum.  In addition, Banyan Tree Club and Spa is a resort that many rich people or celebrities love.

Hannam-dong also offers a plethora of crowded cafes, restaurants, and bars with bold local architecture. Surprisingly, this ward is also very near to Itaewon, Korea’s most popular nightlife district. It is famous as a crossroads for people from many different cultures and countries.

G-Dragon chooses Nine One Hannam high-end complex
Photos taken from outside the D Museum.
Banyan Tree Club and Spa is a favorite resort in Hannam-dong

Hannam-dong offers a living area that is not too noisy and bustling but still provides the most comfortable conditions and, most importantly, guarantees residents’ privacy. These are the factors that contribute to this area becoming “favored” by the entertainment industry’s top stars.

Source: Billboard

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