Lee Se Young and Kentaro Sakaguchi to star in “Things That Come After Love”

Lee Se Young and Kentaro Sakaguchi will co-star in “Things That Come After Love.”

An entertainment insider told JTBC Enterprise News on July 25, saying, “Lee Se Young and Kentaro Sakaguchi will be working together in the drama ‘Things That Come After Love.’

“Things That Come After Love” is based on a joint novel by Gong Ji Young and Japanese writer Hitonari Tsuji, published in 2005. It is a poignant depiction of the love that goes beyond national boundaries between a Korean woman and a Japanese man. The original novel was loved so much that it became a bestseller. Expectations are high for the synergy that Lee Se Young and Sakaguchi Kentaro will create with a lyrical melodrama.

Lee Se Young Kentaro Sakaguchi

Earlier, Kentaro Sakaguchi announced the first fan meeting in Korea in September. Following his visit to Korea in the 2018 film “Color Me True” and last month’s “The Last 10 Years,” Kentaro announced his fan meeting schedule along with his drama appearance, signaling a closer relationship with Korea.

On the other hand, Lee Se Young will appear in MBC’s “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract” to be aired in the second half of 2023 every Friday and Saturday. 

“Things That Come After Love” produced by Silver Lining Studio is the drama debut of director Moon Hyun Sung who directed “Seoul Vibe” and “The King’s Case Note.” Filming will take place early next year, and the cast and crew will travel back and forth between Korea and Japan.

Source: JTBC 

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