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Current whereabouts of a top actor: To appear in this program instead of a K-drama

Actor Song Seung Heon will appear in season 3 of “SNL Korea.”

In season 3 of Coupang Play’s comedy show “SNL Korea,” Song Seung Heon will appear as a host for the first time and opens the door to the new season.

song seung heon

In the “Protect the Earth!” section, Song Seung Heon dressed up as an alien and presented his extraordinary visuals. In the pre-released still cut, he wore a comical wig that contrasts with his sculptural face, signaling much laughter for viewers.

In the “Her X” section, which parodies real love entertainment, he appeared as Suzy’s first X, and competed fiercely with other Xs with his perfect visuals.

song seung heon

In the corner of the same name, by doing a parody of the movie “He Was Cool,” Song Seung Heon wore a uniform and turned into the king of the high school. In addition, alongside his rival Shin Dong Yup, he gives off the presence of a legit “cool guy.”

In the “Emergency Rescue 911” section, he played Franklin, a boy of misfortune who suffered an accident, and a smart office worker looking for true love in the “I Am Solo” corner, which parodies the dating show “I Am Solo.”

“SNL Korea Season 3,” featuring Song Seung Heon, will be released at 8 p.m. KST on November 19th.

Source: wikitree.

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