“Reborn” peaked with a soaring viewership, making new rating records in JTBC history 

“Reborn Rich” has a successful start, gaining optimistic feedback from viewers. 

The most anticipated end-of-year drama “Reborn Rich”, gathering a stellar cast including Song Joong Ki, Shin Hyun Bin, Lee Sung Min aired its first episode on the 18th. The series immediately received strong and positive feedback from the audience. 

reborn rich

Despite its night-time slot (10:30pm KST) the drama’s premiere ratings shot up to 6.1% nationwide and increased to 6.7% in Seoul, leading the Saturday cable dramas in the same time slot. Moreover, “Reborn Rich” also became the drama with the second highest viewership in JTBC history, ranking second to “The World of the Married” (6.3%). 

reborn rich
Premiere rating of “Reborn Rich” was inches away from overcoming The World of the Married” 

Air of thrill and suspense took over the first episode as Yoon Hyun Woo (Song Joong Ki), head of the Asset Management of the Soonyang corporation, had to take a literal bullet for his ‘masters’. He was cornered and murdered by those he trusted the most. Magically, after his previous life ended, Hyun Woo found himself reincarnated in a new body, the youngest son of the Soonyang family and time reversed to the past. Standing in front of him was the founder of Soonyang and his grandfather – Jin Yang Chul (Lee Sung Min). 

song joong ki reborn rich

The audience reacted positively to the first episode, especially to the performance of Song Joong Ki and veteran actor Lee Sung Min. Female lead Shin Hyun Bin left a mark despite her passing appearance, especially in the meeting scene with Song Joong Ki.

Source: JTBC, K14

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