Lee Se-hee told a story of her bicycle getting stolen

Lee Se-hee confessed to the theft of her electric bicycle

On the 12th of last month, Lee Se-hee posted on her Instagram, “My precious electric bicycle that I rode for an hour every day. It’s my great joy, but it got stolen.”

lee se hee

In particular, she added, “It’s already the third time,” revealing that this was not the first time her bicycle had been stolen, causing even greater regret.

In addition, Lee Se-hee shared a photo of herself riding a shared city bicycle called “Ttareung-i” in Seoul. She said, “So, I’ve been using Ttareung-i lately. Please return my bicycle.”

lee se hee

Another photo showed Lee Se-hee taking a mirror selfie while wearing a white blouse and a hat.

Upon hearing this news, netizens commented, “Why do they steal bicycles so much while they don’t steal iPads at cafes?”, “Report it with CCTV footage,” “The land of bicycle thieves,” and more.

lee se hee

TV personality Kim Min-ah also commented, “Seriously, what’s up with the bicycle thieves in this country? What are they even doing?”

Meanwhile, Lee Se-hee was born in 1991 and made her debut in 2015 with a role in the music video for Na Yoon-kwon’s “364 Days of Dream.” She gained attention for her role as Park Dan-dan in KBS2’s “Mr. Queen” in 2021.

Source: insight

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