Netizens’ Unified Response to Chaeyoung and Zion.T Dating News

According to Sway, Zion.T and Chaeyoung have been dating for six months

According to reports, Zion.T and Chaeyoung met through a mutual acquaintance and their relationship developed into lovers. They enjoyed frequent dates in Hannam-dong and Yeonhui-dong, and it’s been said that they preferred quiet alleys over popular spots.

Regarding this, Zion.T’s agency, The Black Label, and Chaeyoung’s agency, JYP Entertainment, both confirmed their love relationship.

Twice Chaeyoung

In November 2020, Chaeyoung was rumored to be dating tattoo artist Chim Hwasa (real name Jung Sung-hyun). At that time, online communities were filled with posts about the two enjoying overseas trips together and sightings of them shopping at large supermarkets.

Moreover, rumors about their relationship gained traction as evidence such as them wearing couple rings, Chaeyoung continuously getting tattoos, and Chaeyoung’s younger sibling following Chim Hwasa’s personal channel emerged.

However, at that time, Chaeyoung’s agency, JYP Entertainment, drew a line stating, “No comment.”

Twice Chaeyoung

Meanwhile, Chaeyoung’s pine tree preference is also attracting attention. Netizens are responding that Chim Hwasa and Zion.T’s appearance and vibe are similar.

Last year, Chaeyoung appeared as a guest on the web entertainment show “Turkies on the Block,” where she revealed her ideal type. At that time, Chaeyoung described her ideal type as “slightly decadent and sexy.” She even mentioned Hollywood actor Timothée Chalamet as an example of her ideal type.

In response, netizens on the online community “The Qoo” commented, “Her ideal type is someone with a delicate decadence for real,” “Her taste is consistent,” “Chaeyoung’s taste is like a pine tree,” “Chaeyoung’s taste is consistent too,” and so on.

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