All HYBE fandoms supported Buddy after GFriend’s disbandment

The warm messages left by BTS, SEVENTEEN, TXT,… fans on GFriend’s Weverse have become a comfort to Buddy during these difficult days.

Fans and others who have enjoyed and cherished GFriend’s music are also reeling from the news of their disbandment. GFriend’s demise came suddenly and unexpectedly, with no warning signs, no final album or concert, and no farewell video, making it painful for all of the group’s fans who had followed them for the previous six years.

However, other fandoms have given greater comfort to the Buddy community than ever before. Many fans of HYBE groups such as fans of BTS, TXT, SEVENTEEN and more have left emotional words of encouragement on GFriend’s Weverse these days, while also remembering to stream GFriend’s music in an attempt to add strength to the group’s fans throughout this difficult time.

Some of messages are as follows:

“I’m a Carat. Here’s a photo that proves I have streamed the song!!”.

“I’m sorry that the only thing I can do for you is to stream the MV and vote ㅠㅠ Fighting!! Remember to eat well!”

“Hello guys..!!  I’m a fan from the neighborhood….!  Because I heard the news that GFriend’s contract ended, I felt very sad… Among female idols, GFriend is my favorite group so I came here to help you guys with streaming….!!  
If you’re bothered, please tell me…!  I will delete the post and leave now…!
I’m hoping Buddy has nothing but good luck!”

“Hello Buddy! I’m a Carat.
My heart skipped a beat after reading the post, and as I reflected on my memories alone, I suddenly recalled the times when I played and sang every GFriend song since “Glass Bead.” Then, on the one hand, I reasoned that saying goodbye in this manner was unlikely, so I came here.
First of all, the fact that a fan of another group is coming here like this can make you feel uncomfortable and inconvenient.  On that point, I sincerely apologize. I came here, however, because I have a message for you that I need to send. I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Buddy, who assisted us in streaming music and voting on Billboard.
Thank you very much for assisting us, even though you were exhausted and had a lot on your mind. I’m not a good speaker, so I’m not sure how to express my gratitude to you. Thank you so much.
In addition, I’d like to thank GFriend members for working so hard from a young age in 2015 until now. Thanks to GFriend, I had a great time laughing, talking, singing, and dancing with my friends.
Thank you so much for everything. I’m not sure if I can be of any assistance to you, but I’ll do my best to stream the video and stand by your side!! Thank you for taking the time to read my rambling message.”

“I’m a Carat… (I apologize if this bothers you…) Right now, I’m streaming nonstop… The other Carats are also flowing with zeal, so Buddy, fighting”.

“I’m the next-door Carat. I’ve been a fan of GFriend’s music since their debut, so I’m really sorry about what happened this time… I was shocked when I heard the news from a Buddy friend… I hope Buddy will be strong!!”.

“I’m an ARMY. I’m not a fan but I really like GFriend. Because I was shocked when the group suddenly disbanded, I came here. Since it hasn’t been confirmed yet, even if it’s just a little bit, I hope I can do something for you guys.”  

“It’s a little impolite of me to come over here in this manner, but I still want to give you my support. I’m Carat, but GFriend is my favorite girl group out of all of them. Every time I come here, I remember GFriend’s summer music, and there are many songs that bring back memories. Buddy has flocked to our Weverse to show their gratitude, but there are a lot of people who aren’t fans but love GFriend just as much as you do. GFriend is a group of everything.
In the future, I will still be a strong supporter. I’d like to assist you guys in any way I can, so I’ll stream music. If it bothers you, I’ll immediately delete the message.”

“I’ve already started streaming. I’m sorry to be a fan of another group but subscribe to Weverse like this, but I hope I can be of some help even if it’s just a little. If only that goddamn company did a little better business… They’d put GFriend here, they should’ve done a good job in the first place…”


“Hi guys. I’m a L.O.V.E. Buddy friends came to our Weverse and helped a lot, so I wanted to help you guys too, so I came over here…. If you guys mind,  please tell me. I will delete the post right away. Fighting Buddy, and if you need any help, please tell me…”.

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In reality, this is just a small sample of the numerous messages of support sent to GFriend’s fans by fans of NU’EST, BTS, SEVENTEEN, and other groups. Despite their sadness at the disbandment of their favorite band,  Buddy did not fail to express gratitude to the fandoms who consoled them. They also said that they would certainly repay the favor by streaming music to the aforementioned groups. 


GFriend and Source Music’s contract will formally end on May 22. However, according to the most recent announcement, Weverse of GFriend will continue to be used even after the group’s disbandment.

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