Lee Jun-ho and Im Yoon-ah’s beautiful romance… “King the Land” will air in the first half of next year

The lineup of "King the Land" has been unveiled.

JTBC’s new drama “King the Land”, which will premiere in the first half of 2023, will bring you a day full of laughter with its story about Goo Won (Lee Jun-ho), a chaebol heir who can’t stand fake smiles, meeting Chun Sa-rang (Im Yoon-ah), a hotelier whose job is to always smile brightly even when she doesn’t want to. “King the Land” in the drama is the VVIP Business Lounge that all the hoteliers dream of.

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Goo Won (Lee Jun-ho) gets pushed into the battle to inherit King Group, which owns hotels, airlines and distribution businesses. Goo Won will stimulate viewers’ excitement as he is a person who has everything, including a clear brain, natural dignity and chic charm, but lacks only one thing, which is a sense of love. Accordingly, viewers are curious about the performance of actor Lee Jun-ho, who will create the character Goo Won that shoots people’s hearts with warm appearance and feisty personality.

Chun Sa-rang (Im Yoon-ah) has a smile that can brighten up the world, grows up against all prejudices and misunderstandings surrounding her after getting a job at King Hotel, which gave her the happiest childhood memory. Expectations are high for the acting transformation of Im Yoon-ah, who already boasts an amazing synchronization with Chun Sa-rang.

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On the other hand, the lineup to create “King the Land” with Lee Jun-ho and Im Yoon-ah has also been unveiled, drawing attention. The role of Oh Pyung-hwa, a friend of Chun Sa-rang and a flight attendant of King Air, will be played by actress Go Won-hee, who has a strong vocalization. Actress Kim Ga-eun will take on the role of Superwoman Kang Da-eul, who is a passionate sales king.

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Actor Ahn Se-ha was cast as Noh Sang-sik, Goo Won’s secretary. Noh Sang-sik will demonstrate his unique volubility and present sticky tiki-taka as a colleague who joined the company at the same time as Goo Won. Besides, rookie Kim Jae-won, who captivated women’s hearts with his fresh boyish beauty, will play Lee Ro-woon, the handsome junior of King Air, adding romance to an eventful work life.

With viewers’ heartbeat skyrocketing just by listening to the cast lineup, Lee Jun-ho said, “I’m looking forward to greeting you with a new image. I’ll prepare diligently on set to deliver pleasant energy, so please show lots of love and interest for ‘King the Land’.”

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Im Yoon-ah shared, “I’m happy to meet good actors, director, writer and greet them like this. Ahead of the first start, my nervous feeling and excited feeling coexist at the same time. I’ll do my best to present a pleasant and happy drama to viewers.” She added that she is looking forward to the opening of “King the Land”, which will be made with the efforts and expectations of the actors.

Meanwhile, JTBC’s new drama “King the Land” started its first shooting with the goal of airing in 2023.

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