Lee Hyori and Kim Hee Sun were once caught in a rumored catfight, scratching and hair-pulling were involved?  

The two later debunked the rumors by showing a close relationship on a talk show.

Apart from their respective thriving careers, Lee Hyori and Kim Hee Sun are also known for their close relationship with Song Hye Kyo. While their relationship is still good as ever, Lee Hyori and Kim Hee Sun were once embroiled in a widespread rumor of catfight in a bar. 

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10 years ago, Korean social media was suddenly overflooded with news of Lee Hyori and Kim Hee Sun losing temper, leading to a fight at a bar. The new source revealed that the two stars allegedly scratched and pulled each other’s hair, shocking the bystanders. 


To stop the widespread of negative rumors, the friend duo accepted an invitation to appear on a show called “Hwashin” in June 2013. Here, they denied the rumors of being hostile towards each other. 

Lee Hyori also said she was not good at fighting other people and was an easy crier if she found herself in a hostile situation: “I look fierce but when the situation becomes bad, I tend to cry. I’m not good at fighting. My heart starts to pound and I start to cry. It may not look like it but I’m pretty soft-hearted.” 


To lighten the mood, Kim Hee Sun also added: “There are way too many rumors of me fighting someone,” and “I’m good at fighting but because everyone knows, no one touches me.”

They pair of friends also took the chance to express their closeness in front of the camera. Kim Hee Sun proceeded to compliment Hyori, saying, “Whenever I saw Hyori, I always thought, ‘She is so my style.’ The same goes for Go Hyun Jung.”

At the invitation, Lee Hyori was apparently excited and suggested that the three of them should go out together sometimes. 


Lee Hyori quickly became close to Song Hye Kyo not long after she joined the entertainment industry. Lee Jin (former member of Fin.K.L) was said to be the one who connected the two. 

In her rookie years, Song Hye Kyo also got the chance to meet Kim Hee Sun, who gave her valuable advice whenever “The Glory” actress had troubles with acting. They have maintained a close relationship for 25 years and recently went out together. 

Song Hye Kyo left a comment on a photo between Lee Jin and Lee Hyori 
kim hee sun
Song Hye Kyo and Kim Hee Sun gathered for a meal and took pictures for memory’s sake 
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