Kim Junsu’s Surprise Confession to Kim Jaejoong: “I’m Dating”

JYJ’s Kim Junsu revealed that he is currently dating. 

On the episode of Channel A’s “Men’s Life These Days: Groom’s Class” aired on July 12th, Kim Jaejoong’s daily life in Japan is depicted as he visited Japan for the ‘2023 Dream Concert in JAPAN.’

kim jae joong

After the concert that day, Kim Jaejoong met Kim Junsu in the waiting room and playfully asked, “Junsu, how old are you now?” Kim Junsu confidently replied, “I’m 36 years old now.

Kim Jaejoong also laughed and said, “I thought I would be forty years old starting next year. I’m already 37.”

When Kim Junsu said, “You’ve postponed it for a few years,” Kim Jaejoong joyfully commented, “Now I don’t have to worry about living in my 40s,” referring to the new laws in Korea requiring the method of counting age with the international standard.

kim jae joong
kim jae joong

Continuing their comfortable conversation, Kim Jaejoong asked Kim Junsu, “Aren’t you dating these days?

To this, Kim Junsu surprised everyone by answering, “Dating? Of course I do.

However, soon after, Kim Junsu said, “I’m dating my fans.” 

Not stopping there, Kim Jaejoong said, “Do you know who I’m meeting tomorrow? I’ll be probably going on a date.” Kim Junsu jokingly asked, “Are you meeting Choo Sung Hoon?” and caused laughter.

Source: wikitree

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