Bae Doona “Prefer no makeup in all movies…I was cut off from jobs because I looked ugly in ‘Barking Dogs Never Bite'”

Bae Doona revealed why she prefers no makeup when filming.

On April 30th, a video titled “Bae Doona‘s forest with no more secrets” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Fairy Jaehyung”.

Jung Jaehyung invited actress Bae Doona, his close neighbor, to his house. Jung Jaehyung mentioned Bae Doona’s rumor, “I heard you stick to no makeup in all movies.” Bae Doona revealed her belief, “What I prefer is no makeup, but isn’t that a big issue? I think so. Doesn’t the skin color change depending on emotions? It’s hard to cover it up and act. I’m not the type to act with technology.” Jung Jaehyung was surprised by Bae Doona’s belief, saying, “Anyway, actors have to look pretty, whether they’re men or women. I got my makeup done today because my face turns red whenever I drink.

Bae Doona said, “I often ask the production team to push the scenes where I sleep or wash my face to the back if there’s a scene I shoot all day long. The reason why actors usually put on full makeup during sleeping scenes is because there’s a next scene.

Jung Jaehyung asked, “Is there any role you had trouble with in the past?” Bae Doona replied, “It was all hard in the beginning. Characters who are not like me at all bothered me a lot. So was ‘Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance’. I did it because I liked it, but it was hard because I couldn’t curse and I wasn’t a radical person.

Bae Doona confessed, “At that time, I was a CF model and MC for ‘Music Camp’. I was once an entertainer, but I was cut off from these jobs after ‘Barking Dogs Never Bite’. Because I looked ‘ugly’. What I’m talking about is the fact that I removed all my makeup and just did shading to tone it down because I have good skin. This is the first movie in which I removed makeup. How long have I been used to it? There’s nothing wrong with removing makeup.

She added, “I think I was lucky to meet a good director really early. I wasn’t confident in myself. I thought, ‘Why do people like me?’ I removed my makeup and stood in front of the camera. There was nothing more to put down, so it was so comfortable. I became more free. I took that opportunity really early.

Jung Jaehyung said, “Another surprise was that you didn’t attend the Cannes Film Festival.” Bae Doona shared, “My top priority is filming. It interferes with filming? Then that won’t do. I said I couldn’t go because I couldn’t miss the shoot. Being an actor may look fancy, but it’s not. We have to put up with injustice.

Source: Naver

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