“I want to give her a gift,” this girl group member still wears what she wore before her debut

IVE Jang Won-young’s fashion sense has become a hot topic among netizens for an unexpected reason.

An article titled “Jang Won-young surprisingly wears clothes for quite a long time” was posted on the online community Nate pann on April 24th.

Jang Won-young still have a red checkered shirt that she wore in 2018, the beginning of her debut, after four years. The reason why this ordinary shirt attracts fans’ attention is that Jang Won-young is still wearing clothes that she enjoyed a few years ago, and her so-called “preventing the return of fashion” has been revealed several times.

Jang Won Young
“Jang Won-young surprisingly wears clothes for quite a long time” article on Nate pann

The writer said, “Jang Won-young still wears what she wore before her debut, even after her debut,” adding, “Of course, I don’t think she needs to buy clothes because she can wear various clothes unlike non-celeb people, but I think her fashion is more frugal than I thought.” They added, “If you look at her Instagram photos and K-pop program work looks, they are all gifts from her fans.”

Born in 2004, Jang Won-young, who is 17 years old this year, debuted as part of the project girl group IZ*ONE in 2018. Below are her looks at the time as she is still making good use of the items she wore at the beginning of her debut.

Jang Wonyoung
The black checkered shirt that Won-young wore in 2018.
Jang Wonyoung
Jang Won-young in 2022 wearing the black checkered shirt.
Jang Wonyoung
Jang Won Young bought a flower-patterned dress in LA in 2019.
Jang Wonyoung
Jang Won-young of 2021 poses in the flower-patterned dress purchased in 2019.
Jang Wonyoung
Jang Won-young in 2017 when she was in her first year of middle school.
Jang Wonyoung
She’s still wearing the same padded jacket after her debut.

Netizens responded in various ways, such as, “It will be fun for fans to give her gifts because she saves everything and certifies fans’ gifts well, I like that of her,” “Her love for fan is awesome,” “It’s amazing that the clothes she wore in middle school fit even though she is a high school student,” and “The milk cup Jang Won-young used in a broadcast program was actually a gift from a fan.”

Jang Wonyoung
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