Lee Byung-hun, Kim Woo-bin, Lee Joon-ki, the actor everyone trusts are coming back 

Actor Lee Joon-ki, actor Kim Woo-bin and actor Lee Byung-hun are returning, predicting a different appearance from the image they had shown so far.

Lee Joon-ki will return through “Again My Life” two years after “Flower of Evil.” SBS Friday-Saturday drama “Again My Life” depicts a passionate prosecutor with extraordinary ability who gets to receive a chance to revive and defeat the evil antagonist. Lee Joon-ki has challenged characters seeking revenge in “Il Ji-mae” and “The Lawless Lawyer.” However, in “Again My Life,” it is different as he fights for justice, not revenge.

Lee Jun-ki

In the meantime, he has played characters who fight for revenge in many works before. Through difficult emotional acting, he also obtained the title of ‘an actor who you can trust’. At the same time, however, it was difficult to expect his new look as he has played a series of similar characters.

However, he said at a press conference for “Again My Life,” “I refused the first offer because I was afraid that I would have similar characters and only copy myself. However, I finally decided to make an appearance because I wanted to find a new side of myself and show the audience that,” he said, signaling a different transformation.

Our Blues-Lee Byung-hun

Lee Byung-hun, who returned as an unexpected character, is also drawing attention. tvN’s Saturday and Sunday drama “Our Blues” is an omnibus drama that depicts various life stories of various characters against the backdrop of the warm and lively Jeju and the cold and rough sea. Lee Byung-hun, Kim Woo-bin, Shin Min-ah, and Han Ji-min will appear.

Lee Byung-hun has played mainly clean and heavy characters in numerous previous works. In his previous film “Mr. Sunshine,” he also showed a serious performance as Eugene Choi, an American soldier. After four years, he chose “Our Blues” as his next work. In particular, he will take on the role of Lee Dong-seok, a truck general store owner who is only an ordinary human.

Our Blues

In addition, in the still cut of the drama, Lee Byung-hun was seen wearing flower-patterned pants and a hat, drawing attention.

Expectations are high in that not only Lee Byung-hun but also Kim Woo-bin chose “Our Blues” as his next work for the first time in six years. He worked together with actress Suzy in “Uncontrollably Fond.” In his previous works, he has also mostly played characters that were not much different from his past ones. However, he also tried a new look this time by playing a captain in “Our Blues.”

Our Blues-Han Ji Min-Kim Woo Bin

Recently, actors Son Ye-jin, Park Min-young, and Kim Tae-ri in “Forecasting Love and Weather,” “Twenty-five, Twenty-one,” and “Business Proposal” are ruling the small screen. Expectations are high on whether these actors that everyone trusts, who will return with “Again My Life” and “Our Blues,” will be able to defend the home TV screen.


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