Apink talks about their new album “SELF”, healing title track, expresses gratitude to fans, and more 

Apink is making a comeback with their 10th mini album “SELF” on various major music sites on April 5th at 6 PM KST, after a year and two months.

On April 5th at 5 PM KST, Apink will introduce their new song ‘D N D’ through a live countdown broadcast on their official YouTube channel.

‘D N D’ stands for ‘Do Not Disturb’ and contains a message of hope and encouragement, urging listeners to imagine their own world without any interruption. The song was produced by talented producers who have worked with NCT Dream, Monsta X, Red Velvet, Anne-Marie and (G)I-DLE. 


The choreography was perfected by world-renowned choreographers Kiel Tutin and Jonathan, with a particularly intense point choreography expressing the concept of ‘Do Not Disturb.’

Ahead of the album release, Apink members answered some questions about their new album “SELF”.

Q: It’s been a year and two months since your last comeback. What are your thoughts on this comeback?

(Park Chorong) I am grateful that I were able to prepare for the album happily with the members. We prepared with excitement, wondering how much fans would love it.

(Kim Namjoo) We wanted to share good songs, so it took a bit longer than expected. We are grateful to fans who waited.

Q: You will be celebrating your 12th debut anniversary this month. What are your thoughts on this milestone?

(Park Chorong) We don’t really focus on anniversaries. Of course, what we have achieved so far was not easy, but we are just thinking about what concept and music we should do every year. However, as each year passes, we feel more grateful that we have been able to release albums and work with the members.

(Yoon Bomi) We are very grateful. We are thankful for the many people who have worked with us quietly for 12 years, and most importantly, our fans. We are grateful for every moment since nothing is taken for granted. We wanted to continue working for a long time, and we are now realizing our dreams. We want to be together for even longer.


Q: Could you introduce your 10th mini album ‘SELF’?

(Jung Eunji) The title track of ‘SELF’ contains the meaning of Apink’s identity, which is ‘healing.’ So I think this album will be even more exciting.

(Oh Hayoung) As we thought about what is the most ‘Apink-like’ and what fans expect from us, we realized that they were expecting to see our true selves. So the meaning is to ‘show our confident selves.’

Q: Could you explain your title track ‘D N D’? What are its charms?

(Yoon Bomi) It’s a song that shows Apink’s refreshing and bright side, which we haven’t shown in a while. As you can see from the lyrics, it’s a healing song that can be comforting when you’re scared or tired.

(Oh Hayoung) The title track ‘D N D’ stands for ‘Do Not Disturb,’ which means ‘don’t disturb me.’ The song is about choosing your own path and not following others. Like how ‘NoNoNo’ gave strength to many people, I hope this song becomes another healing song for those who are struggling due to people or society.

Q. If there are any special points or choreography you would like to introduce in the performance of the new song “D N D”? 

(Park Chorong) I think it will be a song that highlights the members’ energy. We are trying to enjoy the stage ourselves and give bright and positive energy to our audience.

(Kim Namjoo) The point of the choreography is to express “Do not disturb” and it is an easy-to-follow dance that anyone can do.

Q. What are the highlights of the new song “D N D” music video?

(Jung Eunji) Each member has their own highlight moments, so it would be fun to watch.

(Kim Namjoo) Since the music video contains a lot of meanings, the interpretation could be different for each viewer, so there is fun in interpreting it.


Q. What was the focus or emphasis during the preparation of this album? 

(Yoon Bomi) We wanted to think about what our unique color is and make an album that could give energy and healing to many people.

(Jung Eunji) It is the “identity” of Apink.

Q. Can you introduce the songs “Me, Myself & I” and “Candy” which Park Chorong and Kim Namjoo participated in writing lyrics for?

(Park Chorong) “Me Myself & I” has lyrics about finding oneself according to the concept of “SELF”. I wanted to write lyrics that give courage to myself or my friends, or to our members, when searching for their true selves, as it can be tiring.

(Kim Namjoo) I participated in writing lyrics for a fan song for the first time. Personally, I really like this song and I thought it would be great to make a fan song with music that I love. The lyrics came naturally during the writing process, maybe because I was thinking about fans’ love.

Q. Do you have any memorable episodes during the album preparation or music video production process?

(Jung Eunji) There was a part where we talked to each other informally, and we had a hard time holding back laughter while filming that part.

(Oh Hayoung) Personally, there is a scene in the music video where we wear uniforms. I always wanted to wear a uniform and give off sporty vibes. I am happy that I can show it this time.

Q. If you had to express the concept or charm of the new album “SELF” in one word, what would it be and why?

(Kim Namjoo) Energy. Nowadays, Apink has really good energy as individuals and as a team. We put that happy energy in this album, and we hope that the energy is well conveyed to those who listen and watch, and that everyone becomes happy and energized.

(Oh Hayoung) Discovery. Even in the lyrics, there is a line that says “Find your way,” and it means discovering ourselves as Apink, and our discovery that we can still do this type of music after a long time. We hope that those who listen to our music can also discover their own way of living and win in life.

apink thumnail

Q. What are the unique strengths or characteristics of Apink that set them apart in the April comeback battle they are joining?

(Jung Eunji) I think the energy that our group possesses might be the difference.

(Kim Namjoo) I think the members themselves are the strengths and unique characteristics of the group. Each person in a team is different, even if they sing the same song, the feeling changes depending on who sings it. We want to show Apink’s color well, both externally and internally.

Q. Do you have any goals or plans for this album’s promotion?

(Park Chorong) I want to enjoy the activities with the members and have fun.

(Oh Hayoung) I think the most important thing is to provide comfort and healing for the public and fans. When you put on your earphones and listen to our music, you can feel a sense of stability, a way to disconnect from the complicated world, and a source of comfort to listen to after a long day. I hope our music can be a source of comfort for our fans.

Q. What would you like to say to fans who consistently support and cherish Apink?

(Yoon Bomi) Our Pandas, it may sound like the same thing we say every time, but it’s also something we want to say more. Thank you, we love you, and we’re sorry. We’ve been active for a long time, and there have been good memories and happy moments, but there were also difficult moments. Our Pandas were there with us through those moments. We have so many shared emotions and feelings that it’s heartwarming, and we hope that you only have happy moments. We will always be Apink, and I hope you will always be pandas.

(Jung Eunji) Time goes by so fast that we often don’t realize it, but I don’t forget how much love you’ve given us for a long time. We always remember and are grateful. Those who said they would stay with us for a long time are still with us, sharing their time, and giving us new feelings as fans and artists, different from the love I knew before. We want to be with our fans for a long, long time. I hope everyone stays healthy.

Source: Daum

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