NewJeans’ “Zero” in collaboration with Coca-Cola takes top place across Korean music charts  

NewJeans’ single in collaboration with Coca-Cola is drawing attention. 

NewJeans’ promotional single in collaboration with Coca-Cola, “Zero”, ranked fourth on the MelOn’s Top 100 chart on April 5th. Soon after its release, “Zero” by NewJeans made its way into the top 10 on Korean music charts, such as MelOn, Bugs and Genie. 


While NewJeans achieved a new record by taking the top three spots on MelOn’s monthly music charts for the first quarter of this year, it is still a rare achievement when a commercial song was able to perform well domestically. It is said that, thanks to trendy beat and unique tones, as well as a highly addictive chorus, the song is on repeat on the listeners’ mind. 

On YouTube, “Zero” music video surpassed 6.5 million views on YouTube and came in first place in YouTube Trending in Korea, Japan, the U.S. and U.K., boasting the girl group’s international influence. 

Global fans are showing various reactions, “The song is attractive and nostalgic at the same time” and “The visuals and styling have become newer.” They are also interested in the Korean oral children’s song melody used in “Zero.”

Source: Wikitree 

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