Kris Wu probably didn’t expect the girl who ruined his life and his best friend to have such a close interaction

Because of the unexpected interaction between Du Meizhu and Wang Sicong, Kris Wu’s scandal has now made headlines again.

On the evening of October 2, Chinese social media was stirred up by Du MeizhuKris Wu’s ex-girlfriend. Many people notice that this 19-year-old girl’s account has a reciprocal interaction with Wang Sicong, Wu Yi Fan’s best friend, which raises numerous questions about the two’s relationship.

kris wu wang sicong

Specifically, netizens pointed out that both Wang Sicong and Du Meizhu follow each other on Weibo.  Turning over the whole case of Wu Yifan, both Du Meizhu and Wang Sicong have never mentioned each other before, so netizens are baffled as to why the two suddenly interacted with each other.

kris wu wang sicong

It’s worth noting that Wang Sicong is one of the former EXO member’s close friends. They not only appear on the same TV shows, but they also have the same ideal type of girlfriend. There were even rumors that Kris Wu had attended a party hosted by Wang, at which 70-80 beautiful women surrounded 5 men. Now, Wang Sicong is suddenly following Du Meizhu, which is unpredictable to the public. 

kris wu wang sicong

Wu Yifan had previously received an arrest warrant from the Chaoyang District Procuratorate (Beijing) on suspicion of rape. The male singer was barred from all activities, and no one could have predicted that the reputation of an A-list celebrity like Wu Yifan would be ruined by his 19-year-old girlfriend.

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