When will Kris Wu appear in court?

According to top Chinese lawyers, Kris Wu will be tried in early 2022.

After 2 weeks of detention, the police of Chaoyang District, Beijing officially arrested Kris Wu on suspicion of rape. According to Sina, Kris Wu is the first artist to commit the most serious and infuriating crime in the history of the Chinese entertainment industry.

When will Kris Wu appear in court?
When will Kris Wu appear in court?

Sina also reported that Kris Wu is going through a difficult time at the Chaoyang District Detention Centre.

According to Sina, the State Administration of Film, Radio and Television of China has removed 1.9 million short videos, 7,000 episodes of TV shows, movies and entertainment programs of Kris Wu. Baidu – China’s largest search engine has labelled Kris Wu as “an immoral artist who broke the law”.

When will Kris Wu appear in court?

According to a Chinese lawyer, based on Kris Wu’s detention to criminal arrest, the evidence collected by the police proves that the 31-year-old actor really broke the law.

Responding to Sina, another lawyer said that if the investigation goes well, it’s estimated that Kris Wu will be tried the earliest in January 2022 and the latest in March. The public will only see the male singer reveal himself around that time.

According to Chinese law, sexual assault consists of two sentences. At the first level, the defendant can serve up to 5 years in prison. In cases of sexual abuse with aggravating circumstances, the maximum sentence is over 10 years, life imprisonment or death penalty. Regarding Kris Wu, the lawyer predicted that his sentence would probably be no less than 5 years.

Based on the chain of events and information obtained from the girls’ accusations, he assessed the case as showing signs of organized crime, particularly between Kris Wu and the company staff.

Some shocking evidence are detrimental to Kris Wu such as drugging, drinking, sexually abusing victims, raping minors, setting up a team to scam young female individuals…  The videos taken by Kris Wu’s staff have shown that many young girls were brought into hotel rooms while being unconscious.

With such serious charges, the actor will not be bailed or extradited to Canada while waiting for his trial. Currently, only lawyers and people of the embassy are allowed to contact and visit Kris Wu.

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