Korean netizens found Halsey’s fangirl moment over RM of BTS

Halsey is actually a K-Pop fan and below is the name of her bias in BTS after their collaboration.

In August last year, the American female singer who recently collab with BTS in “Boy In Luv” admitted in an interview with “MYX Philippines” that her bias in BTS is RM. What’s more funnier is that even though she was flustered by the question and said that it was hard to choose one guy among them but a few seconds later, Halsey blushed and whispered to the interviewer that she liked RM.

Before, this female singer has met BTS. Halsey excited the boys with some of her hometown’s specialties while BTS amused her with a box of Korean snacks. After Halsey said “I brought you guys a gift”, RM immediately showed his gratitude and replied: “Really? But you yourself is already a gift to us!

K-netizens immediately sensed that this moment might have revealed that Halsey is indeed a fan of RM.

Comments are saying: “This is so sweet”, “My heart was also fluttering seeing their expression”, “I’m jealous with Halsey T_T”, “Halsey looks pretty”, “Her reaction is so cute”, “A fan finally fulfilled her wish”…

It’s not hard to understand why Halsey did such a good job in BTS’s “Boy With Luv”, she got to work with her idol, that’s why!

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