Korean celebrities that took the Men Spring/Summer 2023 fashion week by storm: the most outstanding one is…

From BTS V, BLACKPINK Lisa, to HyunA and Dawn and many more, who stood out the most at the recent men fashion week?

In June, various Korean stars from idols to actors made notable appearances at the recent Men Spring/Summer 2023 fashion week, which includes the Milan Fashion Week from June 14th to 21st, and the Paris Fashion Week from June 21st to 26th. As part of these weeks, shows from luxury brands Celine, Loewe, Louis Vuitton, Prada… were hosted, drawing huge attention with their guestlist full of stars.

As there have never been quite so many Korean celebs hitting fashion shows before, netizens couldn’t help but compare and express who they found the most outstanding.


V Lisa Park Bo gum thumbnail
Since June 27th, the power trio BLACKPINK Lisa – BTS V – Park Bo Gum has made headlines across the net. Even in black-and-white photos, the strong aura of them was unmistakable. 



Win Metawin Song Kang NCT Jaehyun
Song Kang and NCT Jaehyun next to “F4 Thailand” star Win Metawin. While all were handsome, the yellow jacket of Win made him stand out.

Louis Vuitton 

Kang Dong Won
Kang Dong Won
Fashion show Louis Vuitton Menswear S/S 2023 went viral as the same-aged duo Kang Dong Won and Justin Timberlake posed next to each other. The two dashing star boasted completely contrasting styles
Kang Dong Won
While Justin Timberlake donned a colorful outfit, Kang Dong Won went for an all black attire with a blazer, shorts, ankle boots, and leggings. 

From chic to street, Korean celebrities showed up at fashion shows in all sorts of styles. Who is the most outstanding one to you?

Source: K14

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