Taeyang revealed how he got acquainted with BTS and collaborated with Jimin

In a recent interview, BIGBANG member Taeyang discussed various topics surrounding his recent collaboration with BTS Jimin.

On January 16th, a video titled “The real reason why Taeyang and Jimin’s world views collided?” was published on the YouTube channel 1theK Original. 

In the video, Taeyang mentioned his recent collaboration with BTS Jimin, as well as various other topics, such as his son and family life, his transfer to The Black Label, as well as BIGBANG’s next comeback.

According to Taeyang, his son resembles Min Hyo Rin, and is pretty that he is often mistaken for a girl. In addition, the male idol enjoys cooking for his wife.

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Afterwards, the male idol talked about “VIBE”, his collaboration with BTS Jimin, saying, “Jimin and j-hope of BTS mentioned me as the artist they respect and want to become the most. They said they love me so much and are huge fans of me. So I was really thankful. I am happy they like me, even though I’m not perfect.”

“I don’t think we came across BTS too much when we were active”, Taeyang also mentioned, adding, “I was recently invited to j-hope’s solo listening party too. I met RM often at various exhibitions and art fairs, so we became friends as we met. They really are great people. I have a lot to learn from them too. Although I’m not perfect, as someone who started working as a musician a few years in advance, I was able to give a bit of advice. We have a very good relationship.”

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Then, when asked if he has gotten really close to BTS, Taeyang answered, “I’d say I’m the closest to JIMIN”, adding “I remember hearing from many sources that Jimin liked me and sang many of my songs” and “Very thankfully, I got to collaborate with Jimin.“

Finally, regarding how the collaboration with Jimin happened, Taeyang replied, “I think it was 2 years ago, I was working on an album and TEDDY of The Black Label, my agency, mentioned this to me. ‘Around this time, it’d be great for you to release a song with Jimin.” 

“After that, actually, we’ve had many opportunities to meet. So after talking about things

and getting closer, I brought it up, like ‘There’s a song, would you like to work on it together?’ I hoped that he would like the song. And he said he really liked it, and thought it’d be great to work together. So he came to the studio and worked on it. He really liked it. As we finished up together, I was so glad that we were able to work on it together. We sound very good together”, he concluded. 

Source: News Inside

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