ITZY Yuna attracts all eyes with her top-tier hip line among girl group members

The superior body line and model-like proportions of ITZY member Yuna is drawing a lot of attention from netizens.

On January 16th, several photos were published on the official Instagram of girl group ITZY alongside the caption “Mahal kita” (Filipino for “I love you”). The released photos show ITZY Yuna making various poses behind the stage before the group’s performance.

itzy yuna instagram

On this day, Yuna caught people’s eyes by boasting her beauty in a white cropped tee that revealed her shoulders and hot pants.

In particular, Yuna’s straight shoulders, slim waist line without any flab, and strong abs aroused admiration. Her small face and long legs, along with a height of 170 cm (according to Yuna’s profile), also make for a model-like proportions. 

itzy yuna instagram

Apart from Yuna’s S-line body, the female idol’s wide hip line also drew attention. 

Previously, Yuna covered Hyori Lee’s “U-Go-Girl” in her own style at the “2022 KBS Song Festival”. At the time, she became the talk of town after wearing low-waist jeans that perfectly showed off a wide hip line. 

itzy yuna instagram

After debuting as a member of ITZY in 2019, Yuna gained great popularity with the release of numerous hit songs such as “DALLA DALLA”, “ICY”, “Not Shy”, “WANNABE”, and “SNEAKERS”. Born in 2003, the female idol is 20 years old this year.

On the other hand, ITZY, to which Yuna belongs, is currently conducting an Asian tour in six nations, including the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Source: wikitree

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