IVE Jang Won-young’s emerging competition, ITZY Yuna is her next ‘visual rival’? 

The visual similarity between Yuna (ITZY) and Won-young (IVE) are the talk of the town. 

S.E.S’ “LOVE” unit stage performance, visual encounter of Won-young and Yuna

In the “2022 KBS Song Festival” broadcast on the 16th, Jang Won-young, Yuna, and Mi-yeon carried out a unit stage performance of S.E.S’s “LOVE”, boasting a pure atmosphere and doll-like beauty. Particularly, fans are noticing a “visual similarity” between Jang Won-young (IVE) and Yuna (ITZY). 

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ITZY’s Yuna and Jang Wonyoung’s “Visual Twin”

Currently, Jang Won-young is already called the “visual goddess” of the fourth-generation by the MZ generation. Nonetheless, after the unit performance, some believed that there was also another idol worthy of the title thanks to her visual, that is Yuna (ITZY). 

itzy yuna

For her performance, Yuna pulled off her low-waist fashion that revealed her skinny and hour-glass waist to the fullest. Her checkered pink cropped shirt and jeans reminded of Lee Hyo-ri in 2008 and performed the reinterpreted stage of “U-Go-Girl”.

In response, fans are showing reactions such as “Each is pretty in a different atmosphere” and “Twin visual.” 

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