Lee Si Young under controversy over child abuse and safety insensitivity: Hiking in the snow with her 20kg son on her back 

Actress Lee Si Young is embroiled in a controversy over insensitivity to the safety of her child.

Lee Si Young posted several photos and videos on her Instagram on January 1st. In the post, Lee Si Young was captured climbing Mount Halla with her son on her back to celebrate the New Year.

Lee Si Young said, “I came to Mount Halla with you!  Contrary to my thoughts, you were so heavy that I almost died, but it was so meaningful. I feel grateful and happy.

Lee Si Young hiking

She added, “Because you weigh nearly 20kg, I feel like my height has decreased by 1cm today, but thank you so much for coming with me. In the future, I will never climb the mountain with you on my back.”.

Lee Si Young emphasized, “I climbed the mountain safely without getting hurt,” but netizens started calling out Lee Si Young for her insensitivity to safety. Comments criticizing Lee Si Young’s reckless action surfaced under her photos and on various communities.

Lee Si Young hiking

Hiking in the winter snow is already dangerous, but what made netizens angry is Lee Si Young’s reckless act of going up and down the mountain with a child weighing 20 kg on her back. Netizens expressed concern for the child who was stuck on his mother’s back for several hours and claimed that it was inappropriate for Lee Si Young, a public figure with 3.42 million Instagram followers, to do this. 

Netizens commented, “If you have raised a child, you will know how dangerous this is,” “The child could have been an airbag in a situation where she could fall,” “I know Lee Si Young has good physical strength, but this is too dangerous,” “Reckless people can see this and follow her,” “If this happened in a foreign country, it is an act worthy of being charged with child abuse.”

Source: Nate. 

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