Taeyang’s son looks like Min Hyo Rin, mistaken for a girl? Father can’t stop bragging

BIGBANG member Taeyang showed off his fatherly side and gushed about his pretty and lovely son that resembles his mother. 

On January 16th, a video titled “The real reason why Taeyang and Jimin’s world views collided?” was published on the YouTube channel 1theK Original. 

On this day, Taeyang searched for his name on various online sites and shared interesting behind the scenes moments. Upon reading his own profile on Namuwiki, Taeyang joked, “Body sizes, 173 cm 58 kg. I won’t tell you the exact numbers”.

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Then, when the production team asked Taeyang to brag about his son, the BIGBANG member said, “My son was born in November, so recently, he had his first birthday. Also, he looks like my wife, so he is so pretty. If I take him outside, people ask if he’s a girl, and I have to tell them he’s a son every time. He is that pretty. He’s so lovely and precious.”

The male idol then discussed his transfer from YG Entertainment to the affiliate The Black Label, stating, “I’m on good terms with YG Entertainment, whom I’ve worked under for a very long time. I decided to move on to THE BLACK LABEL. It’s going to be a meaningful time for me.”

According to Taeyang, he is “pretty sincere when it comes to cooking”. His wife, Min Hyo Rin, likes his food although he doesn’t cook all the time, and she likes Chapagetti the most, Taeyang said. 

Source: Nate

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