A 12-year-old girl lied to everyone about her gender and became a Chinese boy group member

According to overseas media am730 on October 13th (local time), the 12-year-old member of the male idol group “Yi Gwang Nian” – Fu Jiayuan admitted to being a girl.

Fu Jiayuan YGN

She passed the audition of YGN Youth Club and became a member of “Yi Gwang Nian”, a boygroup consists of boys aged 11 to 13. As a trainee, all her training lessons and performances at the training camp were revealed to the public. Since then, Fu Jiayuan had been suspected of being a girl. In response, this member explained that ‘she’ only has a strong tendency to be a girl.

However, netizens’ doubts became stronger day by day and Fu Jiayuan could no longer hide the fact. Eventually, she posted an apology on her SNS, saying, “It’s true that I’m a girl and I want to apologize for my previous actions.”

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Fu Jiayuan then announced that she would not show up in the entertainment industry anymore. She also promised not to appear on any video platforms.

Although fans reacted, “It doesn’t matter if you’re a girl” and accepted her, she still determined to retire from showbiz.

Fu Jiayuan was able to deceive the company thanks to the pandemic situation. The audition was held online, so gender verification was not carried out properly. The company said, “Our staff was negligent in their work process. In the future, we will make sure that our staff will comply with the company’s rules and regulations.”

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Source: Dispatch

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