Korean actresses whose kiss scenes made their real-life husbands jealous: Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung are an exception! 

Most off-screen husbands of these actresses got jealous watching them in love scenes with male co-stars. 

Due to the requirements of their job, many actresses are married in real life but still have to make out and be intimate with male on-screen romantic partners. Watching such romantic scenes of their wives, how did the husbands of these famous Korean actresses react? 

1. Kim So Yeon

In Penthouse, not only one, but Kim So Yeon’s character even has 2 husbands. She shares numerous intimate moments with her 2 male co-stars, from kiss to bed scenes. So the reaction of Kim So Yeon’s real-life husband, actor Lee Sang Woo, made many netizens curious. Lee Sang Woo admitted that at first he thought he wouldn’t be jealous because he’s also an actor and understands that this is only work, but in the end, he still couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable, so he often avoided watching love scenes of his wife. When he felt annoyed, or a little angry, he would go out and drink a beer.

Korean actresses kiss scenes
Korean actresses kiss scenes

2. Eugene

Another Penthouse’s star, Eugene, revealed, “We’ve never watched the drama together. I think he (actor Ki Tae Young) watched it alone. I understand because we’re both actors, but I think he saw an article written about ‘The naughty hand of Oh Yoon Hee (Eugene’s character)’. The article said I touched Uhm Ki Joon’s butt while kissing him. So my husband asked me, ‘What’s the naughty hand?'”

Korean actresses kiss scenes

Earlier, while the two were dating, Ki Tae Young also got jealous when Eugene greeted other men with hugs.

3. Jeon Ji Hyun

Having taken on plenty of roles in romantic dramas and movies, Jeon Ji Hyun also had the same problem with her husband. On a TV show, Jeon Ji Hyun revealed she understood her CEO husband’s reaction to her kiss scene: “My kiss scene with Kim Soo Hyun looks very nice, but my husband didn’t like it. If I were him, I wouldn’t like it either.”

Korean actresses kiss scenes
In My Love From The Star, Jeon Ji Hyun has a lot of kiss scenes with Kim Soo Hyun 
Korean actresses kiss scenes

4. Kim Hee Sun

Kim Hee Sun once revealed that her husband quit watching drama when she acted alongside Lee Min Ho in Faith because he didn’t like to see his wife do intimate scenes with another man. Her husband expressed that he had a hard time accepting that his wife hugged and kissed a colleague on screen: “I don’t allow it. I think it will make me feel bad”.

Korean actresses kiss scenes
Korean actresses kiss scenes

5. Lee Bo Young

In stark contrast to the cases mentioned above, Lee Bo Young’s husband Ji Sung doesn’t mind his wife doing kiss scenes. As an actor himself, he understands kiss scenes are just part of the scripts. Ji Sung even showed how supportive he was of Lee Bo Young by revealing that when he watched her kiss scene with Lee Jong Suk in I Can Hear Your Voice, his heart was fluttered. 

Korean actresses kiss scenes
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