King Choice’s Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Idols in 2023: BLACKPINK Members All Make It In But No.1 is This Person

All the members of BLACKPINK are present in the top 10 Most Beautiful Female K-pop Idols in 2023.

King Choice recently held a voting poll titled “Most Beautiful Female Idols in Korea 2023.” After 3 months of voting, the results have been announced.

According to the results, all 4 members of BLACKPINK are included in the Top 10. Suzy, Tzuyu, and IU placed 9, 10, and 12, respectively. 2nd gen top visual YoonA is also on this list, but she ranks 20th.

Notably, the unexpected first place is occupied by Nancy from Momoland. Nancy is known for her doll-like face and a seductive aura. She made it to the list of Asia’s Most Beautiful Women in 2022, published by TC Candler, ranking just below American supermodel Jasmine Tookes.

The beauty rankings of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Idols in Korea 2023 are as follows:

Nancy from Momoland surprisingly surpasses many other beauties to claim the first position.
Although not from big management companies like HYBE, JYP, or SM, Nancy is loved thanks to her beauty and captivating stage presence. She has 47 fancams with over 1 million views on YouTube. Five out of the 47 fancams have surpassed 10 million views.
In BLACKPINK, besides her strong vocals, Rosé is also loved for her radiant beauty. She has a small and lovely face and flawless fair skin. The idol is always a hot topic of discussion when she appears with her slim figure.
Jennie from BLACKPINK ranks sixth on the list. Since her debut in 2016, the idol has become famous for her captivating and chic appearance. Fans believe that Jennie’s facial features, highlighted by her plump cheeks and sharp eyes, allow her to easily transform into various concepts, ranging from charismatic and sexy to cute.
Chanty, born in 2002, is mixed. With her exquisite beauty, Chanty plays the role of the visual in the group. She is known as a famous model in the Philippines.
BLACKPINK Lisa ranks 8th. She has an admirable body proportion, an extremely tiny waist, and long, straight legs. Her high-bridged nose, large round eyes, and bright smile are the attributes that many fans love about her. Lisa ranked first on TC Candler Asia’s 100 Most Beautiful Faces in 2019, 2020, and 2021.
Suzy officially debuted at the young age of 16. Since her debut until now, Suzy has been dubbed the “nation’s first love” thanks to her natural beauty and vibrant charm.
Tzuyu instagram
The last position in the Top 10 goes to Tzuyu from TWICE. The idol is known for her flawless visuals. She also has an enchanting figure with a tiny waist and an impressive height of 1.7m.

Source: K14. 

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