Kim Yoo Jung once turned down a role, which was later given to Kim Se Jeong

At the time Kim Yoo Jung refused this offer, many people felt regret, but when the drama aired, everyone was happy for her.

Kim Yoo Jung has tried many different types of roles, but her famous works are historical dramas. Unfortunately, in recent years, most of her projects have not been as successful as expected. Her most recent film, Hong Chun Gi, was highly rated in terms of acting skills, but the storyline was considered not-so-attractive.

kim yoo jung

In the past, Kim Yoo Jung was offered the main role of “School 2017”, and if she accepted it, it would have been another failure for her. At that time, Kim Yoo Jung was said to have seriously considered it, but in the end she decided to refuse because she was preparing for the university entrance exam (although a few months later, she postponed the exam to focus on acting). Knowing that Kim Yoo Jung turned down the role, many people couldn’t help but regret because School is a famous series, which had helped many young stars rise to fame. On the other hand, Kim Yoo Jung is also said to be very suitable for this drama.

After Kim Yoo Jung’s refusal, the School 2017 team successfully negotiated with female idol Kim Se Jeong. School 2017 then smoothly aired but received little attention. School 2017 is said to have put an end to the glory days of this series.

school 2017
school 2017

Of course, Kim Se Jeong did not benefit much from this work. She had to wait until the Art of The Uncanny Counter (2020) to begin to gain attention. At this time, the audience couldn’t help but rejoice for Kim Yoo Jung because she had avoided a failure.

A Business Proposal

About Kim Se Jeong, she is an idol-turn-actress but is highly appreciated for her acting ability. 2022 is said to be Kim Se Jeong’s lucky year as the hit work A Business Proposal changed her life. Up to now, A Business Proposal is still considered the most commercially successful Kdrama in the first half of 2022.

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