Knets compare the 2 main rappers of ITZY and aespa: Who would be more well-liked by netizens?

Coming from the 2 companies that “rap” is not considered their strength, Ryujin and Giselle have always faced negative opinions from the public ever since their debut.

When asked about the representatives of KPOP’s 4th generation, KPOP fans will immediately think of ITZY and aespa. Both under the BIG 3 companies, ITZY and aespa have gained many achievements right after their debut. This seems to be the reason why the 2 girl groups are always be compared to each other.

ITZY and aespa

In a topic related to ITZY and aespa on an online community, Korean netizens made a comparison of the 2 groups’ main rappers. “Rap” is not the strength of JYP and SM, so the rap skills of Ryujin (ITZY) and Giselle (aespa) have always been underrated since their debut.

The Korean internet community was unable to reach an agreement on the issue of comparing Ryujin and Giselle’s rap skills. Those who prefer Giselle believe that the aespa’s representative has somewhat better pronunciation. Those who pick Ryujin, on the other hand, will find the ITZY representative’s rap voice tone comfortable to listen to and will make a greater imprint in their hearts.

ITZY and aespa
ITZY and aespa
  • “As for rap skills, Giselle does better. But there’s something cool about Ryujin’s rapping voice, so many people like to listen to her.”
  • “Personally, I don’t like Giselle’s rapping voice tone”
  • “Honestly, Ryujin’s rap sounds better.. It’s so cool. Maybe it’s because Ryujin’s face is already cool, but I still think Ryujin is better”
  • “Depending on personal choice, Ryujin has a better tone while Giselle has better pronunciation. Personally, I prefer Ryujin.”
  • “Giselle can speak many languages so her rapping sounds more natural, but Ryujin’s rapping voice itself exudes a cool aura..”
  • “It’s definitely Shin Ryujin”
  • “Ryujin raps extremely good in ‘Really Realy.’ But why is Ryujin’s voice not as wonderful as it used to be? ㅠㅠㅠㅠ”
  • “I prefer Ryujin’s voice. I still can’t forget Ryujin’s rap part in ‘Like a Star’ (???) when she was on the survival show…”
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