Kim Woo Bin Pays Touching Tribute to Fan Who Passed Away with Heartfelt Condolences 

Kim Woo Bin left a message for a fan who passed away.

On August 27th, Kim Woo Bin expressed, “Jiwon, who was always cheerful and bright. As I came to say my final farewell to the path you always walked on, I realized that it was truly a long and difficult journey. Only now do I understand,” as he let out his emotions.

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He continued, “Just a short while ago, you ask about my well-being with a smile. Your face comes to my mind, and it hurts so much in my heart. Jiwon, I won’t think of this as parting. Over there, let’s only have days filled with laughter, good health, and happiness, and on the day we meet again, let’s take many photos together and share all the stories we couldn’t finish.”

He added, “I’ll work harder on the new projects you were looking forward to. I’ll think of you, Jiwon, and do my best to create them. Watch over me. I’m truly thankful, and again, thank you for being my fan. Let’s definitely meet again,” as he bid his final farewell to the fan.

Along with this, Kim Woo Bin shared a letter he received from the fan along with a sky photo, expressing his sadness.

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According to the fan’s sibling, Kim Woo Bin not only sent wreaths to the funeral home but also personally paid his respects.

Kim Woo Bin’s fan’s sibling said, “Just receiving the wreath you sent was already a great source of strength, but you coming in person to our family was a truly big comfort. Mom, Dad, my sibling, and I all gained tremendous strength. Since my sibling saw Woo Bin-nim, whom she loved every single day, off on her final journey, she can now fly endlessly without any worries. Even though you must be busy, thank you so much for coming from afar and seeing my sibling off. We sincerely hope Woo Bin-nim remains healthy in the future and that every project he takes part in succeeds. Thank you so much for being with my sibling till the end.”

Source: Nate

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