Son Heung Min and Jeon Ji Hyun’s Reunion at Burberry Show Sparks Online Frenzy

Soccer star Son Heung Min and actress Jeon Ji Hyun have once again met

On September 18th (local time), Son Heung Min and Jeon Ji Hyun attended the Burberry 2024 SS fashion show held in London, United Kingdom. Photos of the two were posted on the official Instagram of the fashion magazine “W Korea.”

son heung min jeon ji hyun

In the released video, Jeon Ji Hyun appeared wearing a white turtleneck outfit, showcasing her innocent beauty with long, flowing hair. Son Heung Min wore a black coat with checkered patterns, exuding a chic aura.

This meeting is not their first. Previously, the two gathered attention when they attended the Burberry 2023 FW Collection held in London in February.

Son Heung Min and Jeon Ji Hyun exuded a strong aura just by their presence. Them talking to each other at the time also became a viral topic.

After taking photos together, Jeon Ji Hyun told Son Heung Min, “Thank you so much for the autograph.” In response, Son Heung Min replied with a smile, “Oh, no problem. Of course, I had to sign for you.”

The two initially appeared awkward when they first met. However, this time, they seemed more natural and closer.

The video of Son Heung Min and Jeon Ji Hyun’s reunion immediately gained attention online.

A photo shared of the two by one netizen on X also caught people’s eyes. In the photo, Son Heung Min politely folded his hands and sat quietly when Jeon Ji Hyun sat next to him, while Jeon Ji Hyun waved at the camera or posed skillfully.

Upon seeing this, netizens shared reactions such as “Both are beautiful and cool,” “Why is Jeon Ji Hyun so pretty? She looks the same as in her 20s,” “I heard Jeon Ji Hyun’s mother-in-law is a huge fan of Son Heung Min. She must be thrilled,” “Burberry made a great choice for models,” “Jeon Ji Hyun is so lovely, and Son Heung Min is handsome,” “I like both of them,” and more.

Source: wikitree

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