Kim Tae-ri’s Iconic Hairstyle Returns, Matching the Epic Look from 5 Years Ago

Actress Kim Tae-ri is once again making headlines by changing her hairstyle to a short bob.

On the 5th of last month, Prada held the 10th edition of Prada Mode Seoul at the Seoul Insa-dong Court. This event, which was first held in Seoul, is a cultural event where the luxury brand Prada collaborates with artists from various fields to showcase content. The Prada Mode Seoul event ran for two days from that day to the 6th.

Among the attendees of this event, it was Kim Tae-ri who captured the attention of netizens on that day. This was because Kim Tae-ri revealed a new hairstyle. She appeared with a short bob instead of her long hair.

On the same day, a short video featuring Kim Tae-ri, who appeared in a light brown coat, was posted on the official Instagram story of Marie Claire, capturing the attention of viewers with her elegant and enchanting charm.

Subsequently, posts with titles like “Kim Tae-ri’s short bob,” “Kim Tae-ri’s real-time haircut,” and “Today’s trending Kim Tae-ri short bob” were published on online communities such as TheQ and X (formerly Twitter), generating significant interest.

Upon seeing Kim Tae-ri’s short haircut, netizens expressed enthusiastic reactions, including “Kim Tae-ri looks really pretty with short hair,” “This is legendary,” “I hope she plays a rich girl role once,” “She looks very mature,” “The combination of Kim Tae-ri, short hair, and Prada is legendary,” “Kim Tae-ri’s short bob is so good,” and “Remembering Kim Tae-ri’s short bob on September 23, 2005.”

Earlier, Kim Tae-ri had garnered attention among netizens when she sported a short bob hairstyle. She revealed this look in October 2018 when she appeared at Incheon International Airport to participate in an overseas promotion event for a jewelry brand.

On that day, Kim Tae-ri wore a black top that perfectly complemented her short bob, along with jeans and black boots. She completed the look with a camel coat, exuding a strong autumn vibe and attracting explosive attention.

Meanwhile, some netizens suspect that Kim Tae-ri’s transformation into a short bob may be related to her upcoming drama “Jeongnyeon” (literal translation: “Retirement Age”).

Based on a webtoon of the same name, “Jeongnyeon” depicts the growth of a girl named Yoon Jeong-nyeon as she becomes active in a women’s theater group shortly after the Korean War in the 1950s.

This work is scheduled to be released next year, and the broadcasting platform has not yet been decided.

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