Sandara Park went on a luxury shopping splurge in Dubai: “Rare items are not found in Korea”

Former 2NE1 member Sandara Park went on a luxury shopping spree in Dubai.

On June 10th, the fourth episode of Sandara Park‘s Dubai trip was released through Sandara Park’s YouTube channel “Dara TV”. On this day, Sandara Park visited a shopping mall in Dubai with her staff, where the sheer size of the shopping mall took her by surprise. “I think I will have to spend 3 days and 2 nights here,” she said. 

First, Sandara Park entered a luxury store, saying that she wanted to buy accessories such as rings and bracelets. “I miss sisters So Hyun and Sook so much”, the female idol said, before looking at the brand’s popular watch. However, since she wanted accessories more than watches, Sandara moved onto another store. 

Sandara Park went on a luxury shopping

Soon, the former female idol forgot about the camera and immersed herself in shopping, splurging on bags and splendid designs that even her stylists never saw before. After snagging a zip-up hoodie that she liked, Sandara Park tried on a plaid shirt, before immediately deciding to purchase. “I want to buy this,” she said, while also adding a cropped tank top to her shopping list. 

Sandara Park went on a luxury shopping

At the satisfied Sandara Park, the staff said: “You should be satisfied. How many have you bought now?” “I’ve already bought a lot”, the female star agreed, but her eyes once again changed when she saw the wide-brimmed hat brought out by the store employee. “I will buy them all for now”, she said. 

Sandara Park went on a luxury shopping

As Sandara Park left the store, several shopping bags were in her hand. Feeling pleased with luxury spendings, the female artist couldn’t hide her pride, saying, “I got rare items that are not available in Korea.”

Source: Daum

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