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“Drunk and sleep in the bathroom”… Kim Hee Chul opened drinking broadcast with Sung Si Kyung

Kim Hee Chul opened a drinking broadcast with “heavy drinker” Sung Si Kyung on “Alcohol Street Fighter 2”.

On Nov 17th, the final episode of the YouTube content “Alcohol Street Fighter 2” was uploaded. Sung Si Kyung appeared as a guest.

kim hee chul sung si kyung Alcohol Street Fighter 2

Kim Hee Chul recalled the drinking party with Sung Si Kyung, “The production crew asked me, ‘Aren’t you close with Sung Si Kyung?’ I replied, ‘Si Kyung is really dangerous.'”

sung si kyung Alcohol Street Fighter 2

Kim Hee Chul continued, “In our neighborhood, you, me and Kang Ho Dong drank a lot of soju. You and Shin Dong Yup even had an afterparty. I went with a healthy liver and thought that I’ll finally drink until the end with you. Dong Yup went home and I drank with you. You woke me up. I said, ‘Bro, it’s really warm here.'” Sung Si Kyung made everyone laugh by revealing, “The heating works really well in my bathroom. You were sleeping there like a baby.”

Alcohol Street Fighter 2

After drinking wine and soju, Kim Hee Chul got drunk again. Eventually, the recording ended only after Kim Hee Chul got dead drunk. Sung Si Kyung shared, “I felt good a bit earlier. I’m all sober now.” Kim Hee Chul wrapped up, “I’m drunk until the end. If you are a real drinker, you need to be responsible for drinking. Let’s have fun drinking for a long time.”

At the end of the video, Kim Hee Chul said, “Si Kyung is not drunk at all. He sends me a text first saying, ‘Good job.'” The production team exclaimed, “He’s sweet.”

Source: Daum

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