Kim Tae Ri’s drama “Revenant” ends with rating peak of 11% & highly praised by foreign media

Wrapping up with the highest viewership of 11%, the drama “Revenant” is also receiving positive reviews from overseas viewers.

With 12 episodes, SBS’s Fri-Sat series “Revenant” is a Korean-style occult mystery drama about Goo San Young, who gets possessed by a devil, and Yeom Hae Sang, who can see the devil, digging into mysterious deaths. 

Named “master of genres” through famous works, such as tvN’s “Signal”, screenwriter Kim Eun Hee was in charge of the script. “Revenant” also drew attention for starring talented and trustworthy actors, such as Kim Tae Ri and Oh Jung Se. 


According to Nielsen Korea, the drama started with a rating of 9.9% in episode 1, but its last broadcast (episode 12) reached a rating peak of 11.2% and completed the story successfully.

Although its TV broadcast has ended, “Revenant” is still available on the OTT platform Disney+ for overseas viewers to enjoy. In particular, foreign drama fans are also pouring compliments on this work.

On July 29th (local time), foreign entertainment media outlet Rolling Stone made favorable comments on “Revenant”.


First of all, Rolling Stone praised the ghosts that appear in each episode of “Revenant” to provide viewers with a sense of horror and arouse their curiosity. The media also left an evaluation that the drama made the fear look more realistic by effectively portraying tragedies that torment the living after death and the core theme of ‘economic inequality’, which is a common point in many Korean dramas.

In addition, Rolling Stone saw “Revenant” as a common but unique work that skillfully combines mystery and horror, making it a powerful content that is comparable to Netflix originals.

Kim Tae Ri and Oh Jung Se’s acting skills were also applauded. Rolling Stone explained that Kim Tae Ri’s diverse expressions and Oh Jung Se’s solid acting ability captivated countless viewers and increased their immersive experiences.

Meanwhile, “Revenant” can be streamed around the world through Disney+.

Source: Naver

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