Kim Se-jeong to malicious commenters: “If you post something ridiculous, I’ll ignore it”

Singer and actress Kim Se-jeong criticized malicious commenters.

On March 27th, Kim Se-Jeong said on her Naver V LIVE broadcast, “I can’t kick out those who leave rude or nonsensical comments today, but I’ll ignore them.” She continued, “I’ll treat them as nothing. I can treat them worse than that, but I’ll only treat them as nothing because they aren’t polite to our Sesangs (fandom name). Therefore, you can feel that there are no people who can use bad words. I don’t want our Sesangs to feel too bad about that.”

Kim Se Jeong

Then, Kim Se-jeong sensibly asked, “If you’ve been here before, don’t use bad words and become my fans instead.”

Kim Se-jeong

Kim Se-jeong, who debuted with I.O.I‘s mini album “Chrysalis” in 2016, was active as a member of Gugudan. Currently, Kim Se-jeong is playing the role of Shin Ha-ri in SBS’ Monday-Tuesday drama “Business Proposal“.


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