“Kim Sae-ron’s close friend” Kim Hee-chul’s past remarks are re-examined amid her drunk driving controversy

While actress Kim Sae-ron was caught drunk driving, past remarks by singer Kim Hee-chul, known as her close friend, are being re-examined.

On May 18th, a post titled “A celebrity who disposed of his own car because he was afraid of drunk driving unconsciously” was uploaded on online communities such as theqoo.

The post showed Kim Hee-chul, who appeared on MBC’s entertainment show “Radio Star” in the past.


Kim Hee-chul said on the broadcast, “There are often times when I can’t get a substitute driver after drinking. On a rainy day and I’m near to my house, to make matters worse, if I can’t get a substitute driver, I think ‘My house is right in front of me. Should I just go?'”

He continued, “I was shaken by the temptation to drive drunk for a moment, so I thought ‘I’m going to get into an accident if I do this. I disposed of the car that I was driving right away. I mainly use taxis except for my schedules.”


Since Kim Hee-chul is known to be Kim Sae-ron‘s close friend, the remarks were re-examined by netizens. Earlier, Kim Hee-chul said on JTBC’s entertainment show “Knowing Bros” that he had known Kim Sae-ron for 7~8 years and that they had been close since Kim Sae-ron was in elementary school. He also revealed his friendship with Kim Sae-ron through SNS.

Meanwhile, according to reports from the police, Kim Sae-ron crashed into the substation along the intersection of Hakdong and Gangnam, causing it to be pushed away at around 8 AM today (May 18th). Witnesses said the impact was so strong that the front bumper of the actress’ car was also thrown out.

kim sae ron

The police were reportedly dispatched to the scene after receiving 6~7 reports that a vehicle was moving unsteadily. Arriving at the scene, the police conducted a breathalyzer test on Kim Sae-ron but they eventually moved to the hospital because she wanted to have a blood test. In this regard, Kim Sae-ron’s agency Gold Medalist explained, “Kim Sae-ron conducted a blood test to get the most accurate result.”

Source: nate

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