What’s wrong with JYP? TWICE, ITZY and now NMIXX are all accused of imitating well-known SM and YG groups

JYP is the leading company in training girl groups but, incidentally, all 3 of JYP’s girl groups are accused of copying the concept of SNSD, BLACKPINK, and aespa.

Among the Kpop entertainment companies, JYP is considered the best girl group training company.  Girl groups from JYP such as Wonder Girls, Miss A, TWICE, ITZY are all top names in Kpop who have achieved impressive achievements since their debut.  Therefore, when NMIXXJYP‘s 5th girl group is about to debut – fans have high expectations for them. 

Besides the positive comments about NMIXX, there are still controversies surrounding JYP‘s girl groups.  The reason is because JYP is always involved in the controversy of copying the concept of the previous girl group and using the formula of SM YG for their artists.

The first is TWICE – the group that was once thought to be “a copy of SNSD”.  In the early years of their debut, TWICE was repeatedly accused of imitating SNSD.  Not only are they similar in terms of the 9-member lineup, the makeup style, outfits, and concept are also similar to SM‘s legendary group.

ITZY is not immune to the controversies surrounding concept imitation. ITZY, in particular, has been heavily chastised for having a girl crush concept similar to BLACKPINK. ITZY’s costumes, visual concepts, and music are all believed to be inspired by BLACKPINK.

Most recently, NMIXX has not officially debuted but has also been caught up in controversies about “copying ideas”.  According to aespa fans, JYP used aespa‘s concept to make a series of debut teaser photos of NMIXX.  The “N” concept photo set of the single AD MARE is said to be a copy of Savage.  Next, the concept photos “MIX” are reminiscent of Black Mamba.  Even aespa‘s famous Kwangya universe concept is said to appear in the moving teaser of NMIXX.

Famous for training girl groups, but it seems that JYP is still not the best company in terms of concept creation.  Agree that JYP girl groups are all very popular, but they are still not the trendiest girl groups.  JYP should have a better creative team!

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