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Kim Min Ha “I auditioned for ‘Pachinko’ without an agency for 4 months, only met the director at the 9th time”

Kim Min Ha talked about her tremendous effort to be cast in “Pachinko”. 

In episode 6 of tvN’s “House on Wheels 4”, which aired on November 17th, a trip to Andong with actress Kim Min Ha, who emerged as a world-rising star through “Pachinko”, was shown.

On this day, Sung Dong Il told Kim Min Ha, “I was really amazed by that. Is it really true that you went to auditions alone without an agency and won the role in Pachinko? How many rounds of audition did you attend?”

kim min ha

Kim Min Ha said, “I submitted a self-tape, acted with the writer and director through Zoom (video chat), and auditioned online with the same thing, and the fourth time I only did a Zoom interview. Next was chemistry reading, chemistry with the male lead (twice). The 8th time was matching my chemistry with Isak.”

Sung Dong Il was surprised and said, “You met the director at the 9th time (of auditioning)?” Kim Min Ha affirmed, and Sung Dong Il said, “It was hard to meet that director.” 

kim min ha

When asked about the audition period, Kim Min Ha said, “It was four months. Honestly, it was an audition I hadn’t done before. Something I had never done in Korea. So it was so much fun. Every time I went, I thought about what to talk about today. The lines were so touching that not only the experience but also every word touched me. I had no regrets every time.” 

Source: Nate.

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