BTS’ Suga drew attention with a sweet yet charismatic pictorial video

Fila’s new promotional video staring BTS Suga quickly attracted the great attention 

Fila Korea’s official Youtube channel recently posted the song ‘This is our summer’ – SUGA ver. This is the fashion brand for whom BTS currently models.

Suga wore stylishly in a khaki shirt and white bottoms in the video. His distinct style was enhanced by big sneakers and a modest necklace.

What drew everyone’s attention is the male idol’s baby-like skin. With his flawless white skin, the BTS member exudes an attractive charisma.

Global fans commented on the video with comments such as “So cute”, “I love you”, “Suga: This is our summer Me: This is our baby”, “OPPA I LOVE YOU♥”, “Yoongi, you are my summer and youth”, etc. 

Source: Naver

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