Jennie in France: International fans are left speechless by her appearance and aura

Jennie (BLACK PINK) became the center of attention after attending the international event with an outstanding aura like no other.

On March 5th, Jennie (BLACK PINK) went to France to attentd an international event. With a full Chanel outfit from head to toe along with hair tied up in a bun, this member of BLACK PINK was elegant and splendid like a successful business woman. Confidently strolling at such a large-scale event, Jennie stood out in the crowd and her international fans are in awe.

Jennie (BLACK PINK) became the center of attention at the even thanks to her elegant beauty and royal-like aura.
She could confidently strike any pose and fans are in awe with her splendid appearance. Jennie looked just like a young and beautiful Lady.

Sources: k14

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