Kim Jong-kook revealed his blood test result, proving that he’s natural: “Top 1% of male hormone”

Kim Jong-kook, who was recently suspected of taking steroids by a foreign YouTuber, revealed his blood test’s result.  

On Nov 11th, singer Kim Jong-kook uploaded a video titled “HRT? TRT?” Hormone replacement therapy? Please try to exercise first” on his Youtube channel.

In the video, Kim Jong-kook visited a local hospital. He said, “There are suspicions that I am injecting male hormones. I came because I thought it would be good to get an examination as soon as possible. If we look at the blood test result, can we tell if someone has had any kind of injection?” Accordingly, the doctor replied that it was possible.

kim jongkook
kim jongkook

Kim Jong-kook then asked, “Two years ago, my male hormone levels were 9.24. If I want to know whether I’m natural or not, should I do a separate test?” The doctor then explained, “If you do a blood test, everything comes out. Whether it is an external supply or self-producing, everything will be shown.”

Kim Jong-kook said, “When that overseas YouTuber talked about it, I just laughed and passed. But then it even went on the news. People related to bodybuilding will laugh if they see this. You will know I’m natural just by looking at the result,” he said. “This video is not to show that I’m natural. I wanted to tell only good stories to my subscribers who believe that they can also become as good as me just by exercising.”

kim jongkook

Kim Jong-kook emphasized, “This issue is about me and the steroids only. Other people who use steroids are not related”. He added, “It doesn’t matter if you’re using steroids for your career or just to feel happy. You can become like me or even better without using steroids.”

After that, Kim Jong-kook released the result of his blood test. His testosterone level revealed through this test is 8.38. The doctor said, “This level is supposed to decrease when you get older. However, Kim Jong-kook’s hormone level at his age is in the top 1%. Moreover, looking from the perspective of medical common sense, that substance only makes testosterone increase just above the average level.”

kim jongkook

The doctor continued to explain, “Even if steroids are injected from the outside, hormone levels could not suddenly rise to 8~9. In the test last time, his result was lower than the normal male hormone level but higher than that of people of the same age as him. Compared to the other previous test, the precursor material was also higher than the average level”

kim jongkook

Kim Jong-kook ended the video by saying, “All of these controversies began due to the fact that hormone level is supposed to decrease but my case, which is considered 1 in a billion, happened. I believed I should do something as fast as I could. Regarding the test result that I showed you, the doctor wanted everyone to leave comments with your real name, expressing your opinion on whether ‘this person did receive HRT’ or ‘he didn’t’.”


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