A urologist said, “Kim Jong-kook’s body is not built by using steroids. It’s the result of intense workout”

Urology specialist Lee Young-jin explained why the allegation of Kim Jong-kook using steroids is not true.

On November 10th, a video was posted on the Youtube channel “Doctor Conel Urology” titled, “Is it impossible for a 46-year-old man to have the testosterone level of 9.24 like Kim Jong-kook? Does Kim Jong-kook use steroids? A urologist will solve all your curiosities.”

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Earlier, Canadian bodybuilder Greg Doucette raised suspicion of Kim Jong-kook using steroids to build muscles. As the controversy grew and made headlines, Kim Jong-kook announced that he would conduct all 391 kinds of doping tests.

Urologist Lee Young-jin said, “I saw many men take steroids to gain muscles. They build muscles, and their bodies get bulked up”. He then refuted the suspicion of Kim Jong-kook using steroids, saying, “In the case of Kim Jong-kook, muscles are not built by the use of drugs. That’s the result of intense exercises.”

Regarding Kim Jong-kook’s testosterone level of 9.24, he said, “This level is enough to make it possible. Men in their 50s and older can get to the levels of 10 to 11 if they work out hard”. If they had taken steroids, their figures would have been much higher or much lower than that.

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Internet users who watched the video responded, saying the suspicion was clearly soled while some still questioned, “The controversial part is whether the testosterone levels of 9.24 is possible for a man with an 8.5% body fat.”

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