The reason why actress Lee Min-jung, who bragged about her son, draws the line with Lee Byung-hun’s fan in the comment

Actress Lee Min-jung made everyone laugh with her SNS interaction.

On Jun 21st, actress Lee Min-jung posted a video of her son Jun-hoo practicing ice hockey on ice on her Instagram. Under the video, she said, “I’m proud of my child, I’m a fool for him,” adding, “It’s been less than a month since he learned to do it. This reminds me of Kimura Takuya’s drama ‘Proud.’” She also expressed her extraordinary affection for her son, saying she was born to love her son.

actress Lee Min-jung
Lee Min Jung

Instagram users who watched the video also admired her son’s skills. At that time, a user with the ID “Fan Lee Byung-hun” and Lee Byung-hun as their profile picture, commented, “Jun-hoo looks just like Lee Byung-hun, so there’s nothing he can’t do.”

Actress Lee Min-jung then replied, “Oh… You’re a fan of Mr. Lee Byung-hun… I am good at skating thou.” The way she mentioned Lee Byung-hun, her husband, as “Mr. Lee Byung-hun” and how she insisted her son has her talent, makes everyone laugh.

Lee Min Jung

Another comment written by Lee Min-jung’s fan is also worth noticing. This time, a Lee Min-jung’s fan account, which uses Lee Min-jung as their profile picture and ID, wrote a comment saying, “Is athleticism your gene?” to which Lee replied firmly, “Yes.”

Lee Min Jung

Lee Min-jung’s witty replies is receiving an explosive response on online communities. Netizens commented, “What’s with those triple dots?” “So funny,” “The difference between her fan and her husband’s fan comments is so funny. Is “like idol like fans” applied to actors as well?” “She’s the funniest these days,” “Lee Min-jung is a funny lady,” “I want to see Lee Min-jung on variety shows,” “I envy her cool sense of humor, You gotta be born with it,” “I believe in Lee Min-jung’s comments,” and “This is an important issue.”

Lee Min Jung

Some Internet users were worried that Lee Byung-hun’s fans might feel insulted after receiving Lee Min-jung’s reply, but Lee Byung-hun’s fans said, “I finally received her reply, too. She’s the best.”

Lee Min Jung

Lee Min-jung has appeared on tvN’s “Yoo Quiz on the Block” as her SNS comments became a hot topic every day. She showed off her pleasant talking skill by directly referring to her comments written on the SNS account of her close friend Son Ye-jin.

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