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Kim Jong-kook, “I once stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Seo Tai-ji”

Kim Jong-kook talked about his relationship with Seo Tai-ji on “Problem Child in House”.

KBS2’s entertainment program “Problem Child in House“, which aired on June 29th, was decorated as a special episode called “Come Back Home”.

kim jong kook promblem child in house

On this day, Song Eun-yi predicted, “The people who came today are said to have left in search of a new path.” Kim Jong-kook guessed, “Since today’s keyword is ‘Come Back Home’, I think they left but came back.”

kim jong kook promblem child in house

At this time, when Kim Sook listened to “Come Back Home” and continued to speculate “Is Seo Tai-ji appearing?”, Kim Jong-kook confessed, “We were both active during ‘Come Back Home’. We were both candidates for first place.”

kim jong kook promblem child in house

Upon hearing this, Song Eun-yi was surprised, asking, “Did you stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Seo Tai-ji?” Min Kyung-hoon was also surprised, saying, “With Seo Tai-ji?”

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