Kim Hieora’s School Violence Allegations: From Canceled Schedule, Café Closure to Drama Withdrawal

Kim Hieora, who played a school bully in “The Glory”, is embroiled in controversy over past involvement in school violence

Kim Hieora, amidst controversy over school violence and bullying, is facing a crisis with her musical “Frida” and appearance on “SNL Korea.” Additionally, suspicions have arisen that her café closure is also related to the school violence controversy.

Regarding the musical “Frida,” the production team said on September 6th, “There is no decision yet regarding Kim Hieora’s performance schedule and interviews.

Kim Hieora bullying

Coupang Play also announced through its official Instagram on the same day, “The 9th episode of ‘SNL Korea’ Season 4, scheduled to air on September 9th, has been canceled.”

Dispatch reported today (Sep 6th) that Kim Hieora was a member of a past school bullying group and is currently embroiled in a controversy over school violence. She admitted to being in the group and acknowledged that she was a bystander. However, she denied involvement in verbal abuse and physical violence.

In addition, Kim Hieora expressed her desire not to harm tvN’s drama “The Uncanny Counter 2” personally in light of her school violence allegations.

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Earlier, Kim Hieora announced in July that she would be closing the café she was operating in Jongno-gu, Seoul. At the time, she mentioned that she would meet the audiences on stage and screen after a simple renovation. She said, “It will transform into a café that you will love more, so please visit frequently.”

She also withdrew from the drama “Jeong Nyeon.” Recently, it was reported that Kim Hieora’s participation in “Jeong Nyeon” was canceled due to personal reasons, and Jung Eun Chae was mentioned as a replacement.

Amidst the controversy over Kim Hieora’s school violence and bullying allegations, there are online speculations that her withdrawal from “Jeong Nyeon” is due to the school violence allegations.

Kim Hieora appeared in Netflix’s hit series “The Glory” about seeking revenge on school bullies. Netizens are pointing out the irony that Kim Hieora played a school bully in the drama, but the content of “The Glory” itself condemns the wrongdoings of school bullies. 

the glory

Particularly, it was revealed that there was a verification process for the actors’ school violence history after the release of “The Glory.” Given that Kim Hieora also passed this verification, questions are raised about whether she lied during the verification process when school violence allegations surfaced.

Eventually, Kim Hieora’s agency apologized, “We are sorry to have caused concern to many people with today’s sudden news. We are preparing an official statement, so please wait a little longer.”

Source: Daum

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