“I’m not even a bride”, this female celebrity wore a wedding dress to Kang Ho Dong’s wedding

MC Park Seul Gi revealed an anecdote that happened at Kang Ho-dong’s wedding.

On a recent broadcast of JTBC entertainment show “Knowing Bros” , MC Park Seul Gi, who has been working as a reporter, talked about her past experience. 

On the same day, Kang Ho Dong praised Park Seul Gi, saying, “But isn’t Park Seul Gi a ‘national reporter’? Don’t you prepare something different every time?”. 

In fact, Park Seul Gi worked as a reporter at MBC for 14 years. 

In response, Park Seul Gi, “Aren’t I too small? I am 150cm tall. But when I go to the set, not only me but also a lot of other reporters come.”

She also mentioned Kang Ho Dong’s wedding, recalling, “I remember going to Kang Ho-dong’s wedding in a fancy wedding dress on purpose.”

kang ho dong

The MC also added, “So Ji Sub went to the scene where was discharged from the call-up, wearing the same mop head So Ji Sub did in his drama. Meanwhile, at the scene of Kim Jong Guk’s discharge, I wore a muscle doll mask. When another said that they would enlist, I would appear in a military uniform and shout ‘loyalty’. I wear special costumes for special occasions.”

Source: wikitree

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