BigHit updated the status of legal procedures to protect BTS’s benefits: identified one more “specific poster”, is filing criminal complaint 

Against misinformation and groundless rumors spreading at rapid speed, BigHit is taking stern measures. 

On the 29th through Weverse, management company of BTS, BigHit Music updated the status on legal procedures against violations of artists’ benefits. The representative of the company stated: “We have recently filed additional criminal complaints against postings with personal attacks and defamation using new information provided by fans as well as collected through our monitoring initiatives”. 

BigHit Music carried out strong measures against harmful postings to BTS.  

The company has traced posts that spread malicious rumors of artists in and out of the country and gathered additional information to implement firmer actions: “We also have found that a specific poster has been spreading the same ill-intentioned rumor in multiple platforms and filed a criminal complaint against the poster after gathering all of the repetitively uploaded postings”. BigHit stated that with the help of fans, the company was able to spot suspects and the cases were transferred to the prosecution after an open investigation by the police. 

Finally, BigHit firmly stated that they would carry out more strict measures to make sure these malicious actions could not occur in the future: “Our policy of no settlement and no leniency remains in effect. We will try our best and guarantee that the artists’ benefits are still fully protected”. Moreover, BigHit also urged fans to use the hotline of the company to report any case of abuse against artists.

Source: Daum 

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