Kim Go-eun Heralds Unexpected Transformation As Shaman In Upcoming Film “Exhuma”

Scheduled to premiere in February, “Exhuma” is an occult mystery about a strange incident that happens when a feng shui master, a funeral director, and a shaman move a suspicious tomb for a large sum of money.

Kim Go-eun takes on the role of a shaman who has the best skills in Korea despite her young age. She opens the case by proposing the plan of moving the tomb with fengshui master Sang-deok (Choi Min-sik) and funeral director Young-geun (Yoo Hae-jin).

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The actress explained, “This role requires high professionalism, I tried to not look awkward. I got the personal numbers of the shaman professors and got in touch with them regularly. I even visited them in person. In order to create good scenes, I searched for videos, did multiple rehearsals, and tried to complete the details perfectly”.

Having been showing unlimited charms through various characters, Kim Go-eun is expected to present the most astonishing transformation in her filmography through “Exhuma”.

Earlier at the first public event of “Exhuma”, veteran actor Choi Min-sik complimented Kim Go-eun, saying “She has great passion. I was worried that she might jump into too many projects at once with such dedication”, adding “Kim Go-eun was so immersed in the scenes with knives, which shocked me a lot. That’s one of the highlights of this movie”. 

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Yoo Hae-jin also shared, “Watching Kim Go-eun’s performance, I wondered, ‘How could she pull off that scene?’. The shoot took the whole day and a lot of energy. There were scenes where she not only had to master the martial arts but also memorized complicated lines, and the ambitious director did not even frown when she said, ‘Let’s shoot it again’. I found it amazing”.

Expectations are high for the new image of Kim Go-eun, who has proved her outstanding character digestion skills in “Yumi’s Cells”, “Little Women”, “Goblin”, etc. “Exhuma” will premiere in February.

Source: Daum

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